Strategic Plan

Our Mission:

To provide opportunities for local children of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds to develop a life-long involvement in cricket.

Our Vision:

To be a junior cricket club known for fostering a passion for cricket engendered through a culture of sportsmanship, learning and friendship and by balancing being competitive with having fun whilst providing opportunities for all.

Our Seven Strategic Goals

  1. To grow and retain our total player numbers by broadening our engagement with local schools, expanding our program for girls and improving player retention.
  2. To have a skilled, engaged and supported group of coaches across all age groups supporting the needs of all our players.
  3. To provide opportunities for kids of all skills, experiences and backgrounds to play cricket in a safe and fun environment and to raise the awareness of our playing group of the value of inclusion and diversity.
  4. To have a sustainable pool of committee members and general volunteers to ensure ongoing success of the club.
  5. To have quality training facilities and grounds available for every team with sufficient club space to support the smooth running of the club.
  6. To be positively recognised in the local community for our great Junior Cricket Club and to have good strategic partnerships with the City of Kalamunda, local schools, local businesses and members of parliament (local and National) to maintain our good standing in the community.
  7. To maintain relative financial position whilst improving, facilities, coaching and access to playing cricket. To ensure cash reserves are better utilised whilst maintaining financial security. To ensure all areas of the strategic plan are achievable and funded from a financial perspective.

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